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XX Files Radio - - ghoultalk (2019)

Breathe Together (2019)

For The Clouded Mind, The Mind As Cloud
@House VDH, Artist Commons, Brussels


Wave Behaviours (2019)

Guided meditation written by Hilary Bergen and Betty. Special guest in Julia Dyck's radiophonic experiments, Live (with 30 second delay), From The Cement Factory Betonest in Stolpe, Germany.

Bubble Vision Me Your Lucid Dreams (2019)

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Now that the future is eminently expressive "but all the more obedient to simple sensory schemata", Betty P is finding immediate pleasure in a mediated present.
From a purely optical situation, 2 principles emerge: the desire to make with the neorealism of (VR) and the wish to "let memory dance".
Paradised, we’re all stuck here. And it’s getting hard to tell which fruit is the truth.

Starring: @b3tty.jpg
Editor & best of the best special effects:
Dramaturgical advice: Hillary Bergen
Eye: lilwinkie
Music: Linda Fox
Piano coach & melody composer: @evyradiostation
Original idea: Betty P & Davey B

Preparing Fruit for Consumption by First Removing its Face (2018)


In collab. with Dave Biddle
Here For Now 2018
@EastSide Studios Vancouver

As is the case with the ‘human face’, so too is the case with ‘fruit’: when the expression/juice is isolated/extracted, what is left is pure meaning/nourishment.

But what to do with ‘that which is left behind’? In the case of fruit there is pulp and skin. In the case of the face there is the bounded reflecting surface upon/through which expressive aspects emerge that serve to communicate hidden movements from within the body.

With ‘extreme care’: Betty and Dave extract/isolate the juice/expression in order to put nourishment/pure meaning on display.

Virtuoso Holiday Reflection (2019)

Episode 1

This is a fake video testimonial where a person shares their experience related to a free trip offered by a travel agency. Initially, the testimonial seems staged. It feels like the text was written by another entity than the person speaking. Then, the testimonial slips towards a less ordered universe, where the hair gets messier, the text more personal and confessional, the voice and lights more triggering; memories are falling apart, but are getting more real at the same time.

Episode 2

This is a variation on the fake video testimonial “Virtuoso Holiday Reflection”, in which a person was sharing their experiences related to a free trip offered by a travel agency. This second iteration called “Reflection Holiday Virtuoso” takes as its departure point the fake video testimonial and transforms it using exclusively post-production tools, namely slow motion and digital zooms. These post-production actions, particularly perpetrated on the face seen in the fake video testimonial, are playing with the inerrant quality of a human face/body’s image to be malleable, and ultimately immobile (where in life only motion-LESSness exists, and our immobility only exists in image/film). This reveals hidden branches of the persona’s story, where memories continue to fall apart, and at the same time, get closer, more palpable and undeniable, endlessly.

Cabaret Tollé 2018
Curated by Studio 303
Video: Brandon Johnston
Photos: David Wong
@ Sala Rossa, Montreal

In collab. with Dave Biddle
A virtual reality performance starring Clara Furey.

Now that the future is eternally imminent but technically impossible, and any promise of a radical new human experience is always already broken, Betty P and Davey B are finding immediate pleasure in a mediated present. (Virtual Reality) is both an incessant anticipation and a clumsy nostalgia.

I'm here now (2018)

Episode I

See spectacular fireworks sparking high above the magical Tomorrowland (2018)


We Demand Freedom (2018)

Full version

Essays on Physical Practice #2: take take take (2018)
by Susie Yugler

made in collaboration with & performed by: Ronald Berger, Maria Focaraccio, Betty Pomerleau, Susie Yugler

excerpted text from: "TV Men" by Anne Carson

original text by: Betty Pomerleau & Susie Yugler

set design: Simone Schiefer

performed @ Lake Studio in Berlin and in residency at Rosas Studios in Brussels

Essays on Physical Practice #1: l’horizon d’attente (2018)


Rocks without Perceval (2018)

Algorithmically generated subtitle timing, luminance keying on multiple video sources

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Sufya (2017)

Berenike Melchior’s solo dance piece
Dramaturgy by Betty Pomerleau
Gibney Dance Center
New York City, USA

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